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Independent IT Strategy, IT Budgets, Processes, Governance & Project Management

What we do

A Chief Information Officer is someone who understands both business and technology, and can be a translator between the two. Most small businesses desperately need a CIO, but can’t afford to pay someone full time. That’s where we step in.

Optimising your workflow

IT teams and Managed Service Providers are often very reactive, meaning they are usually great at resolving immediate IT issues but are not proactively looking at ways to align your systems with your business strategies. Most are too bogged down in the day-to-day running of your IT to look at new technologies, strategies or processes.

Our IT Consulting seeks to understand how each team/department works within your business, their common technology issues and and how we can work with your IT team / Managed Services Provider to resolve them.

We’re passionate about keeping up with the latest advancements in Information Technology and how they can benefit small and medium businesses.

Industry expertise and experience

We have worked in the IT Consulting industry for over 24 years, spanning across many roles and types of businesses. From Help Desk Support, Field Engineering roles, Internal IT Management, Project Management, Senior Management and partner within a Managed Services Provider.

We have worked with hundreds of small to medium businesses over this time and have seen so much time and money wasted on IT Projects and IT in general through lack of proper IT Strategy. Our unique understanding of both business and technology gives us the knowledge to ensure your business is using its technology effectively and you are partnered with the appropriate providers

Independent & unbiased advice

We provide IT Strategy and recommendations tailored to your business. We are 100% technology / carrier / partner agnostic and not out to sell you the product we receive the most commission on, or are forced to sell due to partnership agreements with vendors. We are fiercely independent and constantly review our list of preferred partners and products based on their performance, capability and feedback from our clients.

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